About Me

I am a health coach, writer, and educator. I believe that true wellness comes from nourishing your body and your mind. You can live your best life.

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My background

  • I earned my Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology from UC Berkeley. My areas of focus were the self (self-esteem, self-worth, self-evaluation), authenticity, and goal setting. You can see how this might inform my health coaching!
  • I had my first baby while I was still working on my Ph.D. and working as a researcher and teacher. I know a thing or two about juggling work and family, as well as the struggles that parents face trying to create healthy environments for their kids.
  • My husband and I discovered the Primal Blueprint in 2007, and it completely changed the way we approach health. I’ve been immersed in learning about health and wellness ever since.
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My path to health coaching

  • In 2015, I serendipitously ended up working for the man who created the Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson. Today, I am a writer and researcher for his health blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, which has 8 million readers. I also coauthored two cookbooks with Mark.
  • In my work, I’ve helped thousands of people who are trying to figure out how to be healthy while juggling everyday life, athletic goals, chronic illness, fatigue, stress, lack of social support—all the things you might be dealing with.
  • I became a certified Primal Health Coach so that I could work one-on-one with people seeking wellness.

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The struggle is real when you’re trying to navigate your unique path to health, wellness, and happiness on your own. Let me help.


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