Coaching Philosophy

I believe you can only achieve true wellness at the intersection of behavior and mindset

Living Your Best Life Venn Diagram

The health-promoting behaviors are what I call the not-so-secret secrets of health. These are the things that all humans need to be healthy. The more we neglect these, the more we are at risk for serious health consequences down the road.

The mindset piece is what most people overlook. This is also where the real lifelong change happens—when you finally start to give yourself the care, kindness, and respect you deserve. The mindset piece is the secret sauce.

I practice a weight-neutral approach. Rather than focusing on the scale, I encourage my clients to focus on adopting healthy behaviors for the sake of feeling great, honoring themselves, and being able to show up in all areas of their life.

What's Holding You Back?

Maybe you feel guilty about making yourself a priority?
Maybe you feel like you’ve already tried everything?
Maybe you don’t even know where to start?
I can help.

My job as your coach is to empower you.

I provide education, practical tools, guidance, and support.
You blaze your own unique path to health, happiness, and peace with your body.

We work together to help you:

  • Reset your metabolism and reconnect with your internal cues

  • Cultivate a mindset of self-care based on appreciation and respect for your body

  • Take simple steps that lead to big changes

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I’d love to hear from you.

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